Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Marcia Jordan - from Da Mills

Marcia was one of the hottest girls at NYM High School. She was a cheerleader and all the boys had at least one fantasy about her. In November of 1980, she made a lot of them come true when she appeared in Playboy, in a pictorial called Beauty & Bureaucracy.

Here's what she looked like:

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ya know Ya lived in 'da Mills too long if....

  • You remember when the Roselawn was a pizzeria.
  • You ever hunted pheasant in the fields below the Twin Ponds fairways.
  • The only kielbasa you'll eat has to be from Hapanowicz Market.
  • You know who Skeets, Crazy Mary, and The Candyshop Cop are.
  • You've gone to a clambake at National Park.
  • You ever sneaked onto the Yahnundasis Golf Course to go skinny-dipping in the "swimmin' pond"
  • You've ever been verbally or physically abused by Coach Ben Ross in gym class, at football practice, or in the hallway in high school.
  • You got drunk for the first time, either, on the tracks, on the golf course, or at Burt's Woods.
  • You ever had sex in the backseat of a car, at the Circle.
  • You ever went to a naked pool party at Linda Surace's.
  • You remember when State St. Mill burned down.
  • You remember when the best Firemen's Field Days were held right at the firehouse and the middle Main Street was closed off to traffic.
  • You remember motorized firematics.
  • You know where McCarthy's Corners was.
  • You that, "Please don't squeeze the Charmin," referred to Debbie Hadfield, and NOT the toilet paper.
  • You lost your virginity, either, on the golf course, at Dykeside Park, in the dance hall at National Park, behind the old high school, or on the tracks.
  • You remember when Pulaski Park had shade.
  • Your butt was black and blue for a month after initiation into Kappa Phi Delta.
  • You ever sat on the Wall.
  • You ever skated on the dyke in winter.
  • You ever had a drink at the Marine Bar, K&W, National Park, Rapp Lounge, Uncle's Tavern, Roselawn, Stein House, PNA Grill, Union Hall, Skipp & Ann's, Slitz' Hotel, or The Welcome Inn...all within one week.
  • You ever played Cowboys and Indians in Bundy's pipe yard.
  • You remember that before the Health Hut became D&D Sports, it was a nice grocery store.
  • You remember that Chester's Superette was on the corner of New Hartford and Clinton Streets, where Hapanowicz' is located now. It also was the "heart of McCarthy's Corners."
  • You know that Fairway Drive is the rich section of Cross Street.
  • You remember there were "corner stores": on lower Cottage Street; on the west side of Prospect Street; in the Stein House building; on the corner of White and Sauquoit; and Barney's was between the Gulf and Sinclair gas stations. Bab's Variety was on Clinton St. next to the K&W. Matt Pezdek's store on Main, near Square Street.
  • You know the mayor ran the village like his personal dynasty...from his gas station.
  • You know that NY Mills Volunteer Firemen have special immunity from Village law enforcement.
  • You remember that Edwin Jagiello rented office space to the Church of Satan.
  • You know that Edwin Jagiello ran for mayor numerous times , and lost.
  • You ever received a traffic ticket, and had to appear in court before the officer's father, who was the Justice.
  • You remember Matt Pezdek's brother was murdered by his next door neighbor, and the neighbor got away with it.